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Bahaa and family Al Hariri - 24/08/2007
Dear Kolovos Kostas,

The best, reliable, trustworthy, honest, you know how to take care and bring a smile to all the family members. Keep it up.

Bahaa and family
Al Hariri

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Ioana Saulea - 14/08/2007

Dear Sophia Bousoula,

Thank you very much, you are very kind.
I hope to have another occasion to come and be one of your guest.

Best regards,
Ioana Saulea

Kostas Naslas - 06/08/2007

Dear friend,

Indeed all went well at Sani "Asterias" . Thanks again and don't hesitate to recommend this resort to interested people. Your efficience and personal help recognized and appreciated. Having met you electronically ...I look forward to shaking your hand some day when I go to Elounda !!

Kind regards , pleasant summer
Kostas Naslas

Lefteris Polydorou - 03/08/2007

Agapiti marina,

se evxaristo gia ola itan ola telia perasa pente fantastikes meres to domatio itan telio to servis telio genika to xenodohio itan fantastiko evxaristo gia ola

Lefteris Polydorou

Ron Erenreich - 30/07/2007

Dear Georgia Valiraki,

I would like to thank you for your assist.

Ron Erenreich

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