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Thank you for the explanation! - 01/07/2011

Hi Eleni,


You are so nice!  Thank you for the explanation, that helps us understand our situation.
OK, so once we reviewed our options, we're taking your advice and optimism and we've decided to stay at the King George.  As long as we can be relocated (per your advice and promise) to an adjacent property if conditions in Syntagma square get worse around the 21st of July.  We'll hope for the best.  It is hard to imagine the Greek government allowing the unrest to go on for weeks and weeks.


You are correct that we have time, so hopefully things will settle down by then.  Also, you've given us such a great deal at the King George that we really do appreciate it. Since we panicked a little, and sent in a cancellation request, do I have to provide you with any additional information to "reconfirm" or can we just just our same reservation code and voucher that you sent us?


You're help has been huge and we will certainly notify in writing to "Interdynamic" and "The finest Hotels of the World" what a tremendous help that you have been to us!  Your professionalism and "sympathy" for our situation was very much appreciated.


Please confirm back to us one more time for the King George and we "won't bother you again".


Thank you very much,




Russell & Sharon Rettig

From Deep Purple Many Thanks! - 06/05/2011
From Deep Purple
Many Thanks

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Mak Mwenya - 13/08/2010

Kostas, belatedly, thank you for the excellent service in transporting my family to and from the airport, when we were over on holiday.

I wish you every success in the future and will be sure to recommend your company to friends and family travelling to Crete in the future.

Kind regards,

Mak Mwenya

Eleni Stephani - 29/01/2010
Pragmatika euxaristw, i e3ipiretisi sas itan amesi kai epaggelmatiki. Mporw na pw an kai ekana polles kratiseis online mou kanate entipwsi.

Eleni Stephani

Frank and Laurence Beasse - 03/08/2009

Hello Madame,

thank you again for the nice way you received us - it was a very nice holidays for all of us - I am sure that we will come to you for a new reservation in August 2010.

Take care.

Frank and Laurence Beasse
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