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Martin Heimgartner - 03/06/2009
Thank you for everything !
Your service is TOP.

Martin Heimgartner

Nataliya Zakharova - 11/05/2009
Dear Eleni,

thanks a lot for Your good service.

Thanks for transfer, many thanks to Mr. Konstantinos, who made the transfer!

We have a greate pleasure to have a holiday in Eolunda Mare!!!

Best regards,

Priscila Portela Kawabata - 14/10/2008
Hello Rania!

I am sending this e-mail to inform that I/ve just received my credit card mail and the price was correct.

I came back to Brasil yesteday. I took a while to come back because I also visited Egypt.

Well, I was very glad with your suport and you must be sure that I/ll contact you next time I go to Dubai or Europe.

Thank you very much.

You were very kind to me.

Hope I/ll see you soon.

Priscila Kawabata

Cigdem Ozdol - 23/09/2008
Dear Mrs. Papadaki
I will surely contact with you again for our future  travels.
Thank you once again for your kind  cooperation.

Best regards,
Cigdem Ozdol

Khaled, Mashaei, Maha, Maye, Anita & Mohamend - 10/09/2008
Thank you for all your services. It was great help for
us to enjoy your beautiful island. I am
grateful for all you've done with us.

It was our pleasure.


Anita & Mohamend

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