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Rolf Rosvold, Product Manager, Telenor Global Services AS - 07/07/2008
Dear Eleni,
I want to thank you very much for good service. I had a wonderful time on Minoa Palace on Crete. I am very satisfied with the room with good see view: I also want to thank you for the wonderful car which picked me up on the airport and brought me back again when the holiday was over.

I will contact you again next  time I am going to a holiday.
Best regards,

Rolf Rosvold
Product Manager
Telenor Global Services AS

Diana Catto - 03/07/2008
Dear Ms. Manoloukou,
We have now returned from a wonderful holiday in Greece. We arrived at the Hotel Macedonia Palace to a warm welcome, and I want to thank you for all your help and for organising everything so efficiently. And the weather was superb too!
Very many thanks indeed,
With best wishes,
Diana Catto

Athanasiadis Vasileios & Ourania Gennata - Athanasiadis - 16/06/2008
Dear Ms. V. Saklabanaki

We kindly thank you for services rendered, and we are looking forward to using your travel services in the future.

Kind regards
Athanasiadis Vasileios
Ourania Gennata - Athanasiadis

Athina Themistocleous - 11/06/2008

Dear Valia,

Thank you very much for your excellent service, communication and assistance regarding my hotel booking.

The dates 18-23 August 2008 are the correct dates, therefore please proceed with charging my card with the full amount of Euro 1200.00, in full settlement of our hotel accommodation.

Best Regards

Athina Themistocleous

Alice Lolli - 19/05/2008

Thank you very much for your kindness
Alice Lolli

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