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Cyprus is a Eurasian island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea south of the Anatolian peninsula (Asia Minor) or modern-day Turkey.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, it is currently divided into four main portions:

the southern Republic of Cyprus (the predominantly Greek island nation-state), the unrecognised Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the United Nations-controlled Green Line separating the two, and two British Sovereign Base Areas.

There are but small traces of the Stone Age, but the Bronze Age was characterized by a well-developed and clearly marked civilization. The people quickly learned to work the rich copper mines of the island. The Mycenæan civilization seems to have reached Cyprus at around 1600 B.C. and several Greek and Phœnician settlements that belong to the Iron Age can be found on the island. Cyprus was invaded by Thothmes III of Egypt about 1500 B.C., and was forced to pay tribute.

Hotels in Cyprus

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The Annabelle Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Cyprus / Paphos / Kato Paphos
Address: Pafos,Cyprus
Type: [Beach Resorts]
Open All Year... The Annabelle Hotel is an exclusive five-star Hotel of unforgettable luxury and charm. It is a place where dreams become reality, an oasis of languid elegance, peace and privacy, once discovered it is never to be forgotten.

The Landmark Nicosia

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Cyprus / Nicosia / Nicosia City
Address: 98 Archbishop Makarios III Avenue P.O. Box 22023, 1516 Nicosia
Type: [Hotels]

Open : All year ...The largest and most celebrated hotel in Cyprus, The Landmark Nicosia has been playing an important part in the country’s international image, since 1967. An elegant artwork of 60s architecture, it is famed for its highest standards of hospitality...

Exterior View

Venus Beach Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Cyprus / Paphos / Paphos
Address: Paphos, Cyprus
Type: [Beach Hotels]
Open All Year... Venus Beach Hotel, a five star property in Kato Pafos, located just 13 km from Pafos Airport and 145 km from Larnaka Airport, offers excellent facilities with impeccable service and hospitable atmosphere.

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