Peloponnese Greece

The Peloponnese or Peloponnesus is a large peninsula in southern Greece, forming the part of the country south of the Gulf of Corinth. It is also a periphery of Greece, consisting of 5 prefectures.

Note that the periphery Peloponnese covers only part of the peninsula Peloponnese.

The peninsula has a mountainous interior and deeply indented coasts, with Mount Taygetus its highest point. It possesses four south-pointing peninsulas, Messenia, the Mani Peninsula, Cape Malea (also known as Epidaurus Limera), and the Argolid in the far northeast of the Peloponnese.

Two groups of islands lie off the Peloponnesan coast: the Argo-Saronic Islands to the east, and the Ionian Islands to the west. The island of Kythira, off the Epidaurus Limera peninsula to the south of the Peloponnese, is considered to be part of the Ionian Islands.

Hotels in Peloponnese

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Ilaeira Mountain Resort

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Greece / Peloponnese / Lakonia / Toriza
Address: Toriza village Mt Taygetus Lakonia Peloponesse
Type: [Hotels] [Resort]

For all year round and even for summer, only half an hour way to the beach.

We welcome in a fairytale destination, Ilaeira Mountain Resort! Only 15klm from the nearest historical town Sparti, right in the heart of mountain Taygetus. 

Luxurious villas, suites and private houses are here to best serve your needs!



Kandia's Castle Resort & Thalasso

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Greece / Peloponnese / Argolida / Kandia
Type: [Beach Resorts - SPA]

Open: May - September...
Kandia’s Castle Hotel, Resort and Thalasso
is magnificently located on its own beach in the rural area of Kandia.

General View

Kinsterna Hotel and Spa Monemvasia

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Greece / Peloponnese / Lakonia / Monemvasia
Address: Agios Stefanos 23070 Monemvasia, Peloponese Greece
Type: [Hotels] [Suites] [Rooms]

Open Year Round . . . .There is a dreamy, magical place hiding in the perfect valley in Southern Greece among idyllic vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees, just minutes away from the blue Mediterranean. The Kinsterna Hotel, once an impressive mansion and estate dating from Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian times, has carefully been returned to its former glory with an air of luxury.

Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Greece / Peloponnese / Argolida / Nafplion
Address: Akronafplia, 211 00,Argolida,Peloponnese,Greece
Type: [Villa /s] [Hotels] [Suites] [Hotel - Bgls - Villa - Suites] [Palaces] [Rooms] [Hotel - Villas]

Open: April to October... Sat high upon the Bronze Age acropolis of Akronafplia with breathtaking views across the Bay of Argolis and Nafplion below, is perched the magnificent Nafplia Palace hotel. From the drawing board of an award wining architect, sprang the concept of an uncompromisingly luxurious hotel. 

Navarino Villas

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Greece / Peloponnese / Messinias / Pylos
Address: Messinia, Pelloponese, Romanós, 24001, Greece
Type: [Villa /s]

Open:April to October...Set in Costa Navarino, 41 km from Kalamata, Navarino Villas by Xenia Resorts features air-conditioned villas and suites overlooking the sea, and free private parking.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Best Luxury Hotels Worldwide Greece / Peloponnese / Argolida / Porto Heli
Address: Porto Heli, Porto Heli, 21061, Greece
Type: [Hotels]

Open: April to October...The resort's ideal beachfront location allows guests to enjoy the crystal clear cobalt blue waters and dramatic panoramic views from almost every corner of the property.


Total Hotels: [ 26 ] Results per page: [ 6 ]
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